Mysteries and Curiosities of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

This map was a collaborative labor of love to curate and illustrate the quirky history of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, one of the nation's twelve NASA centers. 

The map is currently distributed as a welcome gift to new employees, to educate them on both fact and rumor, and assist them in getting to know their new workplace.

The project went on to include a poster series, a mobile app, and a fully redesigned new employee Welcome Package. We hope it makes those right-brained rocket scientists giggle, and helps instill a sense of pride for this exceptionally special place.

Featured on The Atlantic video channel.

Published in Cartographics: Designing the Modern Map.

Winner: Applied Arts Design Annual 2010 & Applied Arts Illustration and Photography Annual 2010.

Client: CalTech / The Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Art Direction: Luke Johnson

Illustration: Christiane Holzheid

Lettering & Layout: Erin Ellis

Photos: Christiane Holzheid (outdoor), Luke Johnson (studio)