Hedwig Invitations

These Hedwig and the Angry Inch themed invitations draw inspiration from the cult classic 2001 film, using key imagery and object from the story to deliver the energy, drama, and GLAM of sensitive, sparkly soul Hedwig and his quest for love and fame.

While I may be put off by a request to do a spoof or parody, I was intrigued by Kylan and Rommel's unconventional theme and thoughtful ideas. Plus they are designers, so I had faith. 

Mia Case, who art directed and designed the invites, really took this project to a place all its own, steering away from any and all cheesiness or cheekiness, and straight to a harmonious balance of cute, smart, and spirited charm.   

I got to peek at a few shots from the wedding and as it turns out, our little team pulled off a pretty darn classy gig.

Also included in this suite are similarly styled illustrations of fifteen ancient dieties which served to denote and number each table at the event. 

Design and Art Direction: Mia Case