Catskills Wedding Illustrated Suite

For this invitation suite, we took lots of inspiration from the venue: a historic inn in the heart of the Catskills, set in the woods, bright and rustic with vintage decor, restored in mostly white and black with gorgeous accent pieces.

Framed by a vintage bevel pattern, lots of local flora and fauna weave around two antlers, all grounded by the Foxfire Mountain House itself. Also in the suite is an RSVP and illustrated, fold-out mini map in the same style. The text on each piece is entirely handwritten, and we even snuck in the couple’s cat. Can you find her?

Letterpress printed in dark gray on white, this turned out the perfect combo of organic and clean, playful and classy to suit the event. In addition, I hand lettered and illustrated favor tiles, wooden bar signs, and embellished mirrors for the event. This was a labor of love for beautiful friends with amazing taste!

Art Director: Jenna Cantagallo, Photography: Alisha Siegel